• Project: Web, Android & iPhone App
  • Role: Branding, UI/UX Design, Build
  • Date: 2017 - 2019

The instant nightlife booking app, connecting partygoers and nightclubs in the UK.

The UK's nightlife scene needed a boot into the digital age, so we conceived an industry-first app, to bring the VIP clubbing experience to all — with access to the best venues, instant entry and great benefits. The app allows partygoers to easily book guest-lists with group discounts, save favourite venues, view live media and find information such as location and nearby transport links.

To ensure pixel-perfect development of the UI and animations we created prototypes in Framer and Xcode, which later allowed us to integrate a night mode and optimise for the iPhone X. Alongside crafting the Ballin app we also explored the branding and identity, tone of voice, marketing campaigns, presentation documents, content optimisation, social media presence and a mobile-first marketing website.

With over a hundred clubs already signed up across London and an Android app near completion, Ballin launched in Spring 2019.

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